Dr. Kristen Walton, Professor

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Dr. Kristen Walton has been at MWSU since 2006. Her research interests include intestinal physiology and disease, inflammatory bowel disease, interactions between normal microbiota and the host, and Biology education research.

Learning tissue culture techniques

Learning tissue culture techniques is not something that easily fits into a traditional laboratory course.

This project will be designed to teach students basic techniques of maintaining and working with animal cell cultures.

Effects of probiotics and prebiotics on intestinal inflammation

Probiotics are microbes that, when consumed in sufficient quantities, promote health. Prebiotics are dietary molecules that support the growth of beneficial microbes in the intestine. The overall aims of this project are to study the effects of various probiotic bacteria or prebiotics on intestinal inflammation, using cultured mammalian cells and/or mice as experimental models.

Dr. Kristen Walton

About Dr. Kristen Walton

Ph.D., Physiology, University of North Carolina

B.S., Biology, Missouri State University

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