Dr. Julie Jedlicka

Dr. Julie Jedlicka, Associate Professor

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Dr. Julie Jedlicka has been at MWSU since 2015. Her research interests include wildlife conservation, ornithology, entomology, predator-prey interactions, agroecology, and sustainable food systems.

Advancing avian diet studies to address ecological questions

This research applies molecular scatology to fecal samples to analyze ecological relationships between avian insectivores and their communities. Of particular interest in this work is uncovering the ecosystem services birds may provide.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded this research funds for undergraduate students and Dr. Jedlicka to travel to Kenya and conduct field research in coffee farms to analyze how avian communities change in different coffee management systems and research whether diverse systems may be resilient to upcoming climate change scenarios.

Promoting avian conservation in human-use landscapes

This research is conducted to help avian conservation efforts locally and statewide. In partnership with the Missouri Department of Conservation, MWSU students analyze bird species utilizing the declining habitat in Southern and Central Missouri. Dr. Jedlicka and students have established 62 songbird, 16 Purple Martin, 6 Wood Duck, and 2 owl nest boxes on MWSU’s campus. As part of a long term study, the team monitors nest site selection and reproductive success of hundreds of birds. This data has been presented at numerous research conferences, including the regional Missouri Natural Resources Conference and the international Ornithological Congress of the Americas in Argentina.

Requirements: Strong interest in ornithology and ecological field work.

Dr. Julie Jedlicka

About Dr. Julie Jedlicka

Ph.D., Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz

M.S., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

B.S., Resource and Ecology Management, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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