The Still Scholars Early Acceptance Program is designed to provide early admission to outstanding pre-medical students who have as their goal to become Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine at A.T. Still University’s Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (ATSU-KCOM), without the requirement to complete the MCAT.  This program encourages students to focus on developing strong academic and leadership skills, yet allows them to focus on their undergraduate experience without the additional pressures of preparing for the MCAT. In addition, Still Scholars are awarded an academic scholarship for medical school upon entry to ATSU – KCOM.

Applicant Criteria

  • Minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.40 cumulative and science
  • Submission of application and official transcripts by specified date. Information and application is located at:

Application Process

Students may apply to be a Still Scholar after completing a minimum of two years of undergraduate education, but have no less than two years of full-time coursework left in their curricular requirements prior to graduation. Students must have attended school full-time for a minimum of two years of their undergraduate college experience, and courses that meet the academic pre-requisites must have been taken in a traditional residential setting (not on-line). Applications will be due to the MWSU Health Professions Advisory Committee on April 1 for review. Qualified applicants will be interviewed by the committee and applications of students selected for nomination must be received by ATSU Admissions (from the Pre-Health Advisor) on or before June 1.

Application Criteria

  1. Completed Application with Essays
  2. Three evaluation forms/current letters of recommendation (one from each of the following):
  • Academics: Pre-Health Professions Advisor OR Science Faculty Member
  • Clinical or Work Experience: Health Professional or Employer/Supervisor
  • Community Involvement: Extra-Curricular Organization Advisor
  1. Overall strong academic record (3.40 or higher cumulative GPA; 3.40 or higher science GPA)
    4. Transcript(s) showing the completion of at least 75% of the following academic coursework to demonstrate successful fulfillment of all academic requirements for ATSU-KCOM’s Still Scholars Program:
  • Biology with Lab: Two completed courses (8 semester hours/12 quarter hours)
  • General Chemistry with Lab: Two completed courses (8 semester hours/12 quarter hours)
  • Organic Chemistry with Lab: Two completed courses (8 semester hours/12 quarter hours)
  • General Physics with Lab: Two completed courses (8 semester hours/12 quarter hours)
  • English: Two completed courses (6 semester hours/8 quarter hours)

Students must have received a grade of “B” or above in the previously listed courses from a U.S., regionally accredited college or university at the time of their Still Scholars application.

Selection Criteria

Applicants will interview in early Fall following their sophomore year. Selected students (maximum of 15) will be awarded reserved admissions to ATSU – KCOM at the beginning of their junior year. The ATSU – KCOM selection committee will rank the top students using the following criteria:

  • Overall academic record
  • Fulfillment of academic requirements with a minimum grade of “B” in each required course
  • Proven commitment to osteopathic medicine based on required essays
  • Community service/Leadership positions held
  • Evaluation forms/Letters of recommendation
  • Successful interview with the KCOM selection committee

Participant Criteria

  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.40 cumulative and science
  • Continue to gain clinical experience/exposure (>200 hours total is highly recommended)
  • Continue community service/leadership opportunities
  • Demonstrate commitment to osteopathic medicine
  • Participate in all ATSU – KCOM Still Scholars Events/Activities (on-line and on-campus)
  • Complete ATSU – KCOM pre-requisites and required coursework to earn BA/BS degree
  • Maintain accurate contact information with ATSU Admissions
  • Participate in ATSU – KCOM final pre-matriculation review
  • Complete AACOMAS application by July 1 prior to senior year
  • Complete ATSU – KCOM secondary application by August 1 prior to senior year

All prescribed courses in the baccalaureate program of the applicants’ choice must be taken at Missouri Western State University. Any deviation from the required courses requires written approval from the Pre-Health Advisor and from ATSU Admissions. Participants must matriculate within one year of graduation from Missouri Western State University. A.T. Still University – Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine reserves the right, at any time, to reject a student deemed unsuitable for the program. In addition, acceptance will be withdrawn if application is made to another medical/osteopathic school, if participant criteria are not met, if academic, ethical or moral violation occurs, or if a personal change in career choice is made.  Additional details and information can be obtained through the MWSU Department of Biology or at

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