Biology assistant professor, Dr. Tilottama Roy and her research students Shawn Boss and Esther Par, both Biology majors, presented their work through virtual posters and an online platform which was held July 27-31 during the Evolution meetings in Cleveland, OH and the Botany conference, in Anchorage Alaska. Due to COVID-19 the in-person meetings were shifted to a virtual realm and the students presented on the endangered False Foxgloves plants and the Lamioid Mint plants.

In addition to his presentation, Shawn did an audio introduction for his poster, which was praised very highly by other conference attendees and participants from all across the globe. His twitter feed on his audio was retweeted by the Botanical Society of America and received 1.7k views within the first 15 hours. Dr. Roy also presented a talk and looks forward to many more such accolades coming their way in future.