Students in the Painting and Beginning Drawing II courses created artwork based on the theme “IRL” (In Real Life), considering the line between facts and fiction as it is relevant to our society right now. The artwork will be on display in the library through February 2020, and an opening reception will be held 3-5 p.m. on Dec. 4. 

Students attended workshops at the library this semester on topics such as “Sorting through Facts and Fiction” and “Visual Literacy,” taught by Angie Brunk.

Back in the studio, students considered and questioned their perception of what is real and what is fake, and created in response to that investigation. Through the use of visual imageries, students learned about visual context, how does images alter or reinforce facts or one’s belief, how does information/image influence and/or manipulate their perception of the narrative. Students made drawings and painting to tell a story by playing with color harmony, selectively composed and frame the images, and blurring the lines of facts and fictions.