The recently completed Student Government Association elections at Missouri Western State University included a historic first. Nathan Scott, senior business major from Savannah, Missouri, becomes the first Missouri Western student to be elected to three terms as SGA president. 

Lauren Bloodgood, junior biology major from St. Joseph, Missouri, was elected as vice president. Bloodgood currently serves as SGA’s director of student involvement. Scott and Bloodgood were unopposed on the ballot.

Elected Senators were: 

Michaela Anderson, junior psychology major from Brentwood, Missouri

Emma Donaldson, senior political science major from St. Joseph

Rokhaya Drame, sophomore biology major from Kansas City, Missouri

Garrett Jackson, sophomore construction engineering technology major from St. Joseph

Connor Peters, senior business major from Kansas City, Missouri

Dasia Stalder, senior business major from Kansas City, Missouri 

Maya Simms, junior criminal justice major from Kansas City, Missouri

Anne Thomas, junior business major from Anabel, Missouri

Caitlyn Thompson, junior business major from Princeton, Kansas

Artemii Udovenko, sophomore psychology major from Vladivostok, Russia

Scott, Bloodgood and the elected senators will serve during the 2022-23 school year.