Dear Griffon families,

Happy New Year! At Missouri Western State University, we are so excited for what the year 2020 will bring to our campus. Last semester, we announced a host of innovative initiatives that have brought additional excitement and vibrancy to our campus. We are excited to offer students more flexibility, affordability and opportunities. Among other things, we are excited to roll out the following next year:

  • GOLD FRIDAYS focusing on applied learning, enhanced opportunities, and student success. Off campus, your student can use Fridays for interviews, internships, externships, company visits, networking, community service, work, or a host of other activities. On campus, your students can consult with an advisor, receive tutoring, engage in club activities, or work with a professor. For example, our Biology Department is excited to roll out a Gold Fridays PORTAL program that invites students to join faculty in projects associated with original, discipline-specific research.
  • ESPORTS initiative that will provide new pathways for students to flourish academically, socially and professionally. Missouri Western is excited to embrace the world of team-based multiplayer online video gaming, commonly known as “esports.” Missouri Western has the opportunity to be at the forefront of the collegiate esports movement by rolling out its own varsity teams, club program, academic programs and workforce pathways. Stayed tuned for details about our teams, courses and new minor.
  • CENTER FOR SERVICE will enable students to obtain up to three college credits towards their degree at no cost in exchange for validated community service. Students will be able to develop communication, networking, leadership, teamwork, planning, time management, problem solving, adaptability, interpersonal and industry-related skills through this initiative.

Additionally, stay tuned for more details as we look to expand our international education opportunities through a new Global Center and deepen our commitment to military families through a new Military and Veterans Center. Missouri Western is taking unprecedented strides to foster student success and prepare our students to enter the workforce with practical skills and experience. We appreciate your support of the University and applaud the support that you provide your student. May you have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2020. If there is ever anything that we can do for your student, please do not hesitate to reach out. Your thoughts and input make a difference.



President Matt Wilson