Autumn on campus is a beautiful time at Missouri Western. The beginning of the school year is also the perfect time to begin thinking about earning credits through travel study. With some advance planning, any student can do it!


The benefits of education abroad are very real. On average, students who have studied abroad earn $7,000 more in starting salary than the general population of U.S. college graduates.* Employers value their ability to deal with ambiguity, adapt to new surroundings, and relate to people from many backgrounds.


On top of that, education gained through travel is invigorating and fun! Whether your student is an experienced traveler or the opposite, we can help them select a safe program ranging from a full semester overseas to a short-term trip over spring break or in the summer. You can see the results in increased maturity, self-confidence, and global awareness.


Please take a look at our web page: We look forward to welcoming your student on the adventure of a lifetime!


*Institute for the International Education of Students (IES)