At Missouri Western, students graduate prepared for wherever their journey takes them. For Lani Bamfield ’17 and Mimi Ho ’15, that journey is taking them all across the country as NICU travel nurses. 

Back in early 2021, they decided to take a trip to Hawaii with another friend to celebrate Ho’s decision to be a travel nurse. While on the flight, they attended to a baby born mid-flight, by a mom who didn’t even know she was pregnant! Since then, their life has been “crazy,” but they both believe Missouri Western prepared them for their life after graduation.

“It was one of the best decisions I could have made. I don’t have any debt … and one of my best friends, Mimi, and I met there,” Bamfield said of her decision to attend Missouri Western. And these two friends “will be going wherever the wind blows us,” impacting lives in NICUs around the country, because of the education they received at Missouri Western.

“I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. It was the perfect size. It wasn’t too small, but it wasn’t too big. The class sizes were great, so I think it was really helpful for me …” Ho said. “The professors prepared us to be out there in the real world, telling us what is going to be out there, what it is going to be like.”

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