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Patrick Modlin ’88 and his wife, Terri, are the owners of Room 108 and Felix Street Gourmet, both located in downtown St. Joseph.

Modlin is committed to connecting St. Joseph – particularly downtown – to Missouri Western. As a child, Modlin recalls visiting a vibrant, bustling downtown with his family. As an adult, he is determined to restore that atmosphere with a strengthened connection to Missouri Western. He envisions St. Joseph as a thriving college town. “Missouri Western is one of the most important assets for St. Joe,” Modlin said. “We are so blessed to have such a prominent university that delivers not only a great education but also has successful athletics and community programs.” 

“It is unquestionably the best value-based education, in the region – if not the nation. I had to pay for my own college, so I recognize how important that is, particularly for first-generation students,” he said. “For the price and value of the education, it’s hard to beat.” As the youngest of nine children, and a first-generation student, Modlin had a serious decision to make – it wasn’t just about what college to attend but whether to even go to college. Missouri Western was the right choice. “Missouri Western prepared me for a successful career in the corporate world, exceeding many others from larger and more expensive universities.”

Modlin has remained actively involved with Missouri Western since moving back from Kansas City in 2006. He currently serves on the board of the Missouri Western Foundation, and its Development Committee, as well as the Executive Advisory Council for the Craig School of Business. He and Terri have served as volunteers and board members for the revitalization of downtown for several years. Continuing to strengthen the relationships between St. Joe and the Missouri Western campus remains a top priority.

Modlin describes Missouri Western as a benefit to the community, and envisions thriving relationships between St. Joe and Missouri Western to continue to grow. He wants to ensure that local students realize how fortunate they are to have a prominent university in their own hometown.

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