Ally Fives Portrait

Griffons Rise

Ally Fives ’21 is a partner at Piefive Pizza with the goal of future ownership. One of the partners at Piefive Pizza reached out to the Missouri Western Craig School of Business Center for Entrepreneurship looking for an additional partner to which they could eventually sell the business. Annette Weeks, executive director of the center for entrepreneurship, suggested Fives’s name to the partner and the partnership took off from there.

Fives is most excited to be her own boss and have the opportunity to take chances, evaluate the results and determine what works best for the business. These are all skills that she said she has learned directly from her time in the Craig School of Business. “I took the franchise class which gave me a lot of inside information on how to run a franchise,” Fives said. The support and knowledge she has gained during her time at Missouri Western will help her pursue all of her entrepreneurial endeavors.

And Piefive is not her first. Fives also owns a drone photography business called Skyfivesdrones. When she needed help launching the drone business, Ally reached out to Annette Weeks who helped her with the legalities of starting and running her own business.

“The support is always there with you” even after graduation, Fives said. Missouri Western is a community, a family, and the support does not just go away after graduation. “The support that the school gives you is truly one-in-a-million.”

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