Last fall, a University diversity statement was approved after a task force spent two years studying Missouri Western’s success in recruiting and retaining diverse a diverse campus workforce.

Task force co-chair Latoya Muhammad said they formed several committees, conducted surveys and focus groups, studied past surveys, and examined policies and procedures in Human Resources.

Several new policies are now in place, including ongoing employee training, diversity programming and a new reporting system.

Muhammad said there are and will be several campus opportunities to learn about diversity. In the 2018-19 academic year, the Center for Multicultural Education presented about 40 programs on diversity and inclusion, and the International Center presented 40 more.

“Ultimately, the task force started with our students,” Muhammad said. “If our students speak up, it’s important for us to actively listen and follow up with them to let them know what steps we are taking.”

Diversity Statement
As a student-centered learning community Missouri Western is dedicated to inclusion and the promotion of diversity as essential to our mission as a public university.
This commitment contributes to transforming lives and demonstrates
our values of freedom, respect and courage.