Here is Some Common
Texting Lingo

<3 = love
2day = today
2 = to
4 = for
b4 = before
bc = because
bffl = best friend for life
brb = be right back
g2g = got to go
h8r = hater
jk = just kidding
l8r = later
lol = laugh out loud
omg = oh my gosh
r = are
rofl = roll on floor laughing
srsly = seriously
tmrw = tomorrow
ttyl = talk to you later
u = you
w/ = with
w/o = without

black and white image of a mid-2000s cell phone

Did u txt ur bffl w/lingo back in 2011? Missouri Western students did, and “… it started infesting student assignments …” an article from the 2011 Griffon Yearbook claims. “Getting papers done faster by using language shortcuts was the favorite …” side effect of this lingo, it added. While we’re not sure if shortcuts are still finding their way into formal essays, we’re sure the students have embraced an entirely new list of common texting lingo, and that they would srsly rofl at the lingo used only a decade ago!