Business Partner: American Red cross

Date(s)/Time(s): Recurring/open-ended/on-call

Description: Disaster relief teams serve clients by providing them with immediate assistance to meet their needs and on-going resources throughout the disaster recovery process. There are four (4) sub-groups to choose from and all are virtual and can be completed at home or office with internet access.

  • Daily Recovery Team: Call clients to follow up with them after they’ve experienced a disaster, provide clients with resources and partner agencies who may be able to help them with their recovery.
  • Initial Review Team: Review cases after they are initially opened to verify information is correct and entered completely.
  • Referral/Resource Research Team: Research current resources to verify information is updated and accurate and search for new possible resources for clients.
  • Incoming Call Team: Return voicemails left by clients and then send to the appropriate internal or external resources needed for their recovery.

Location: Virtual

Requirements Prior to Service: Red Cross Orientation (1 hour), Disaster Recovery training

How is This Serving Others? During times of trouble, people need to know that there is someone out there that cares for them and is helping them through uncertain times. Providing a contact of comfort is a way we can help the community stay strong in times of need.