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Frequently Asked Questions – Partners

Frequently Asked Questions – Partners2020-06-02T15:29:34+00:00
How may we contact CFS?2020-05-21T16:35:03+00:00

Contact the CFS via phone (816) 271-4100 or via email centerforservice@missouriwestern.edu

What is required of our organization during the process?2020-05-21T16:34:38+00:00
  • Communication and feedback are important to the students as well as MWSU. 
    • The project coordinator will verify hours of service on the student roster and return it to the CFS by email shortly after the project has been finished.
    • At the end of a project (one-time) or end of each month (recurring), a feedback form will be submitted. This is a basic drop-box form with a comment box or two for completion.
  • If there are any changes with the project (cancellation, reschedule, description change, coordinator change, etc.,) contact the Center for Service.
How are we contacted throughout the process?2020-05-21T16:34:07+00:00

CFS will reach out to you as soon as we receive the initial project form. We will also be contacting you if there are changes throughout the process that may affect your needs for fulfilling the service opportunity.

How does our organization register with CFS?2020-05-21T16:33:44+00:00

Go to our website https://www.missouriwestern.edu/center-for-service/ and select Submit a Project under the For Partners tab. Once information has been submitted, a representative from the CFS will contact you with more information.

How do I submit a service opportunity to the Center for Service?2020-06-10T16:17:14+00:00

Under the For Partners tab on the CFS website, select Submit a Project. First time users will need to create a new account. This should be created by the project coordinator or designated representative in the organization that will be the main contact for the service projects. Unless specified within the project form, all contact from Center for Service will be communicated to the registrant.

Does the organization have to be non-profit?2020-05-21T16:33:21+00:00

No. MWSU’s goals are to serve the community locally and in communities where students call home. If your organization is supporting the community, we want to help!

How is CFS supporting business partners?2020-05-21T16:32:56+00:00

MWSU and CFS are supporting business partners that in turn support the community. We want to cultivate a relationship with you to help you grow with your service needs. The CFS is a conduit between partners and students.

If I have questions, whom do I call?2020-05-21T16:47:05+00:00
  • Please reach out to the Center for Service at your convenience.
    • (816) 271-4100
    • centerforservice@missouriwestern.edu
May we specify certain footwear or clothing for a service opportunity?2020-05-21T16:46:28+00:00

Yes. The students will come as they are. If there are specific requirements such as clothing or footwear, please be sure to include that information in the project description.

Have students had a background check?2020-05-21T16:46:02+00:00

No. Background checks are not provided by the Center for Service.

How do you promote the project?2020-05-21T16:45:43+00:00

When students submit a participation form to participate with the CFS, available projects are listed for the student to choose.

Are students to be compensated?2020-05-21T16:45:22+00:00

No, the students are part of a service-learning program that provides credit for UNV 201 Community Service Learning.

What counts as service hours earned?2020-05-21T16:45:03+00:00
    • Orientation, training, service count toward service hours.
What if a student does not show for their requested time or does not stay for the entire time slot?2020-05-21T16:44:42+00:00

A roster will be sent to the project coordinator 48 hours prior to the service opportunity. Please note on the roster if the student did not arrive or only worked partial hours.

When do we start counting hours for the students?2020-05-21T16:44:22+00:00

Service hours begin as soon as students arrive at the project site and have checked in with the program coordinator.

When will I know who and how many students have signed up for the project?2020-05-21T16:43:55+00:00

A roster will be automatically emailed to the project coordinator 48 hours prior to the day of the service opportunity. If you need to know before that time, please contact CFS and we can let you know the student sign-up count to date.

What if the project is cancelled or the date has changed?2020-05-21T16:43:32+00:00

Please contact the CFS right away so we can inform any students who have signed up to let them know of the change.

May we request specific skill sets or students?2020-05-21T16:43:11+00:00

If you have a special request, contact the Center for Service.

How many students can we use?2020-05-21T16:42:47+00:00

You may request as many students as you need for the project! There is no limit. Students will choose service opportunities, so project descriptions help guide them to your project.

What if we have more than one project?2020-05-21T16:42:25+00:00

Please submit a project form for each project. If the project is the same but for different days, list the additional dates and times on the initial project form.

Is there a template for the project description?2020-05-26T15:32:03+00:00

Yes. The service learning opportunity/project description should include this information:

  • How does this service learning opportunity serve others?
  • Describe the project. Include details of the activity that will take place.
How long is the project partner agreement?2020-05-21T16:42:05+00:00

The agreement can be considered a one-time individual project or a recurring project that lasts for several months. If the project changes, please contact CFS so we may update the information for the students.

May students serve virtually?2020-05-21T16:41:45+00:00

Yes! Technology requirements will need to be included in the project description so students can confirm that they are set up adequately to provide virtual service.

What if my project has specific needs or requirements?2020-05-21T16:41:03+00:00

Please include the information in the project description so that information can be conveyed to the students when choosing their project.

What if I have more than one department that might need services?2020-05-21T16:40:31+00:00

Submit a form for each department or project within the organization. This will be beneficial if there are different project coordinators.

For additional questions that may be of use, please view the Student FAQ’s.