Western Institute

  • Portrait Of Medical Staff In Corridor Inside Modern Hospital

    Skills for Success in Healthcare

    January 6 - June 15: Learn how to move up the career ladder, life management skills, workplace communication, principles of patient satisfaction and safety, and reading in the workplace.

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  • GPS handheld

    GPS for Mapping and Navigation

    January 6-8: A three day hands-on course that covers basic concepts of the GPS system and operation of data loggers, receivers and antennas.

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  • Griffon Junior Singers

    Griffon Junior Singers

    January 20-May 4: An award-winning choral ensemble for elementary and high school students. Two levels are offered: Prelude Choir and Premiere Choir.

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  • Symphonic Youth Orchestra

    Symphonic Youth Orchestra

    January 21-May 5: Discover the thrill of playing in an orchestra.

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  • Woman signing to a man

    Concepts of Sign Language I

    January 25 - February 29 : This course is a continuation of the Concepts of Sign Language I course.

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  • ACT test prep

    ACT Test Preparation

    February 20 - March 19: Learn test-taking strategies. This course will provide a review of the following subject areas: English, reading, mathematics, and science reasoning.

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  • stress management

    Stress Management

    March 2 - May 4: Learn to maximize positive stress outcomes and minimize negative stress effects.

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  • Turn two minors into a bachelor's degree

    Bachelor of General Studies

    Degree completion for working adults

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