Frequently Asked Questions

How could joining a fraternity or sorority affect my grades?

The Center for Student Involvement has set a minimum GPA requirement for joining a fraternity or sorority, and each organization has its own GPA requirements to remain an active member of the organization. All fraternities and sororities have programs in place to help any students struggling with their academics, and they know that you are a student first!

How expensive is joining?

Fraternities and sororities are self-funded organizations, which means that all activities, such as philanthropy events, brotherhood/sisterhood events and Homecoming activities, are funded by the dues paid by members. The first year of being in an organization often has the highest dues because of fees specific to the new member period. Other items covered by dues may include insurance, t-shirts, and social events, and this varies by organization.

How much time am I expected to commit?

Being in a fraternity or sorority can be time-consuming, as any co-curricular activity can. Most members find that they get what they put into it, meaning that if they put in a small amount of effort, they often get less out of the experience. Depending on the organization, members may have a weekly meeting and a mixture of mandatory and non-mandatory events throughout the semester.