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MWSU Benefit Guide 2016



MOSERS Pre-Retirement Seminars – 2016

  • MWSU: Oct 5 – 1-4:30pm (Spratt 216)
  • St Joe: Aug 31 – 8:30am-4pm (Stoney Creek Inn, 1201 N Woodbine Rd)
  • KC: July 27 – 6pm-9:30pm (Hilton Garden Inn – 19677 E Jackson Dr, Independence)
  • KC: July 28 – 8:30am-4pm (Hilton Garden Inn – 19677 E Jackson Dr, Independence)
  • KC: Sept 1 – 8:30am-4pm (Hilton Garden Inn – 19677 E Jackson Dr, Independence)
  • KC: Nov 17 – 8:30am-4pm (Hilton Garden Inn – 19677 E Jackson Dr, Independence)

Seminar Agenda

  • Your MOSERS retirement
    • Your eligibility for MOSERS retirement
    • The retirement process and important due dates
    • Calculating your benefit amount
    • Differences between MSEP and MESP2000
    • BackDROP and how it may affect you
    • Cost of living adjustments affecting your benefit
    • Life insurance benefits administered by MOSERS (not for university employees)
  • The State of Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan
  • MCHCP Health Insurance (not for university employees)
  • Social Security

You’ve spent countless hours planning…and working toward your future retirement and suddenly it’s time to take the stage. Don’t fret. MOSERS will help you book your retirement gig and guide you in reviewing your financial resources. Be prepared to make some key decisions and answer some very important questions. Do you know what your benefit payment will be? Have you thought about your health, inflation, how long you might live, the people in your life, other costs during retirement, and income from different sources? How much is enough? Tune into retirement today to soar into your future tomorrow.

Mo Deferred Comp and the Social Security Administration can generate estimates of your other potential retirement income; you may wish to bring those estimates with you on the day of the seminar.

These educational opportunities are presented in various locations around the state, from February  through November. Your spouse or guest is welcome to attend with you, even if he/she is not a state employee. You can register online for the Preretirement Seminar by logging in to your secure Member Login. If this is your first time logging in to the secure portion MOSERS’ website, you must first register and set up your password.

Keys to a Successful Visit

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the seminar to review your materials (especially if you have a special seating requirement or preference).
  • Note that some facilities do not allow outside food or drinks.
  • MOSERS suggests you review/print your information (statements, insurance rates, estimates) from your deferred compensation, and social security websites.
  • If you attend a session not on your campus, MOSERS will also discuss the health insurance benefits offered by MCHCP. This will NOT relate to university employees and you can leave during this portion of their session.

Contact a MOSERS benefit counselor if you have questions regarding your retirement.