In order to be eligible for benefits, full-time faculty and staff must be hired into a permanent position working 30 hours per week. Eligible employees may also choose to cover their spouse and eligible dependents.

Dependents are eligible to be covered on your insurance plans (medical, dental, vision) up to the end of the calendar year the child reaches age 26 regardless of marital status. Dependent children may be covered on your voluntary child life plan from age 14 days and continues to age 26, if unmarried.

Insurance benefits will be effective the 1st of the month following your hire date.

The elections you make are for the entire calendar year and generally cannot be changed outside of the Open Enrollment period. However, if you have a Qualified Life Event, as defined by the IRS, you will be able to make benefit changes. You have 30 days after the event to make your changes. Contact HR for further information.

Typically the open enrollment dates for MWSU are during the month of November; with an effective date of January 1st.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City (BlueKC)
Member Services 816-395-3558
Express Scripts 888-218-2579


The Standard
Member Services 800-547-9515


The Standard
Customer Service 800-877-7195


Discovery Benefits
Member Services 866-451-3399
Contact if you have questions.


Member Services 800-778-2255


Missouri Western provides a defined benefit retirement plan (MOSERS) for eligible employees who do not hold faculty rank as well as a 401 (a) defined contribution plan (CURP) for those employees holding faculty rank.


As a part-time or full-time higher education employee, you can contribute to the Missouri Deferred Compensation 457 Plan in addition to the 403(b) options too. This allows you to potentially double your tax-deferred contributions for the year.  Your contribution can be deducted from your payroll as a pre-tax (traditional) or after-tax (Roth) contribution.

To participate, you must contact one of the approved financial institutions on the provider list below to establish an account. Then complete the Voluntary Salary Deferral Agreement and submit to Human Resources.

VALIC 403b vs. 457
VALIC 403b/457 Info
Voluntary Retirement Provider List
Voluntary Salary Deferral Agreement Form

Missouri Western does not and cannot provide advice about these particular companies. Missouri Western’s responsibility is to deduct the contribution from your payroll and forward it to the appropriate entity.

For individuals seeking assistance, please call the helpline at (800) 624-5544 or log in to
MWSU EAP Overview


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  • Sick Leave
  • Vacation Leave
  • Personal Leave
  • Family Bereavement
  • Jury Duty
  • Military Leave


Faculty, Administrators, Exempt, and Non-Exempt Staff will receive holiday pay when the university is closed to observe the following holidays.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day – If the 4th of July falls on a Saturday, the Friday before will be observed. When July 4th falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be observed.
  • Labor Day
  • Fall Break (week of Thanksgiving)
  • Winter Break (December 24 – January 1)

In order to receive payment for a holiday, the employee must either work or have leave accumulation to cover the day before and after the holiday if absent.

Floating Holiday
Administrators, Exempt, and Non-Exempt Staff may use a floating holiday.

  • All will receive 1 floating holiday per fiscal year (July 1-June 30)
  • Unused floating holiday WILL NOT carry forward from year to year

Missouri Western encourages employees to further their education by offering a tuition reduction program for undergraduate & graduate degree seeking academic courses. Qualified employees will receive a 100% reduction of undergraduate and 50% reduction of graduate in-state tuition; spouses and qualified dependents of those same employees will receive an 80% reduction of undergraduate in-state tuition and dual credit courses.

Any fee associated with the courses are the responsibility of the student.

Employees are required to complete the Tuition Reduction Application and submit to HR for approval.

More details about this program can be found in the MWSU Policy Guide.

Contact Tim Kissock, Risk Services Manager, at (816) 271-4466

Missouri Western provides Workers’ Compensation benefits to protect employees injured on the job. Work-related injuries are subject to the provisions of the Workers’ Compensation law. This coverage may provide medical treatment and payment for lost earnings. Employees should report all injuries to their supervisor and MWSU Risk Services Manager, Tim Kissock, at (816) 271-4466.

Unless the injury is life threatening, the injured state employee must contact Tim Kissock to receive authorization before medical treatment.

If the injury is life threatening, the employee should proceed to the nearest hospital emergency room, and contact Tim Kissock as soon as reasonably possible.

All MWSU employees may use the recreation facilities by presenting employee ID. They may be accompanied by their immediate family or one guest. Dependents under the age of 16 must be accompanied by the valid ID holder. Dependents age 16-24 and spouses may obtain an ID by completing the Griffon ID form and submitting to HR for processing.

Contact Recreation Services at (816) 271-4200 or for more information.

Non-Exempt Staff are eligible for overtime, flex time and comp time.

  • Overtime is not to be performed at the discretion of the employee.
  • Supervisor approval must be obtained prior to working overtime.
  • Overtime is paid at 1 ½ times the employee’s hourly rate of pay for time worked beyond 37.5 hours a week.
Flex Time
  • Flex time is time off within the same work week of time worked beyond 37.5 hours a week
Comp Time
  • Comp time may be used in lieu of the payment of overtime at the discretion of the supervisor.
  • Comp time is time off within a 60 day period

Thank you to the following St. Joseph establishments for showing their Missouri Western pride!

All faculty & staff can enjoy discounts at the following local area retailers by showing your MWSU ID.


MWSU Campus Discounts:
  • Barnes & Noble Bookstore – 20% discount; textbooks not included
  • Athletic Events – 50% discount; advance purchase only
  • Athletic Gold Coat Club Memberships – 50% discount available on each membership level
  • Theatrical Events – $2 off adult priced tickets; immediate family only
  • MWSU Library Use
  • MWSU Business Office ($25 check cashing)
  • Aramark – Casual Meals discounts available for faculty and staff with the purchase of a Declining Balance Plan. Some restrictions and promotional offers may apply – available for lunch in Campus Dining Hall only, Monday-Friday.
  • Notary Public Services
Payroll Deductions Available: