College Insurance & Risk Management

Introduction to Risk Management

Risk management is a proactive approach to protecting students, staff, faculty, and the general public from harm. This function includes providing advice, assistance, and direction in the Colleges’ obligation to furnish facilities and an environment that will provide reasonable protection of employees, students and the public and assist the College in safeguarding its resources. Individual operating departments maintain basic responsibilities for preserving assets in their control. This includes but is not limited to the following resources: people, property, income and minimizing potential loss within their area of control.

All insurance purchases, with the exception of employee benefit insurance, should be made through the Risk Manager.

Employees, as representatives of the College, should not make statements which could be construed as accepting liability for incidents including but not limited to automobile, personal injuries, and/or property damage. Any claims against Missouri Western State University, its officials, or employees should be reported to the Risk Manager.

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