Employee Orientation Program

To introduce new employees to the culture of Missouri Western and set them up for success from their first day, they will attend New Employee Orientation. Orientation will be offered on the 1st and 16th of every month (or the following Monday if the 1st or 16th falls on the weekend) and create a consistent, unified first-day experience across campus.

Orientation focuses on Griffon pride and inspires new employees to value how we work together to build our legacy through the mission and vision of the University.

All new employees across the University will start on the same day and attend a full-day orientation starting at 8:30 a.m.

Prior to starting their position, new employees will receive information on completing paperwork and what to expect from their first day.

New Employee Orientation will provide employees the opportunity to

  • Develop a deeper understanding of how things work at the University (e.g. payroll, parking, dining hall, bookstore, and other valuable resources);
  • Learn about employee benefits and retirement offerings;
  • Receive confidentiality and campus safety trainings
Employees at Missouri Western State University can start on the 1st or 16th of every month. If the 1st or 16th falls on the weekend it will be moved to the following Monday.


  • Welcome
  • Campus Information
  • COVID-19 Resources
  • Campus Trainings
  • Employee Resources
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Professional Headshot
  • Benefits, Retirement, & Payroll

Come Prepared For Orientation

  • Bring a snack and/or water
  • Bring a light jacket in case of cold temp
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Be prepared for pictures taken for website and Griffon ID card
  • Bring any employment documents with additional identification (if applicable)
  • License plate number for parking permit (memorize it, write it down, or take a photo)

Orientation Location and Campus Map

New employees and their supervisors will receive information from Human Resources  on completing paperwork and what to expect from their first day.

To ensure new employees have smooth transition into their role, supervisors should:

  • Read Supervisor’s Guide to Onboarding a New Employee
  • Have a welcome conversation with your new employee. 
  • Review the new employees’ welcome email from Human Resources for information on their first day.
  • Reach out to Human Resources (x4587) if you have any questions.