Missouri Western has some of the lowest graduate tuition around. You can complete an entire master’s degree for just over $10,000 in tuition (in-state). Plus, the cost of living in St. Joseph is very low – meaning your housing, transportation and food costs are also low.

For a complete listing of tuition and fees please see the Business Office site.

Financing Options

The Missouri Western financial aid program is designed to assist degree seeking students in their pursuit of a higher education.

The Financial Aid Office understands financial aid in all of its varied forms. The staff will answer questions and help you plan the best package of financial aid to meet our students’ needs. Graduate students are eligible for Scholarships, Graduate Assistantships and Student Loans. To be eligible for scholarships or assistantships a student must be degree seeking, enrolled in at least six graduate hours per semester, and be a student in good standing (not on probation). Financial assistance will not cover undergraduate courses (400 level or below) taken as a graduate student.


The priority deadline for applications is March 15 for Graduate Scholarships. Applications may be submitted after the priority deadline until July 15, but awards will depend on eligibility and the availability of funds.

Improving Your Odds- To make your application stronger, consider adding a letter of application or a letter of recommendation from a faculty member in your program to your scholarship form to make it stronger.

Eligibility- Only degree seeking students in good standing and admitted to a program are eligible for scholarships. Current graduate students must have a 3.0 GPA for consideration.

Credit Hour Requirements- If a scholarship has a credit hours requirement (e.g., six hours per semester), and completion of your degree requires fewer than the number of credits required for your scholarship, you can keep your scholarship and enroll in the number of credits required for completion of your degree. In this instance, however, your scholarship will be reduced to a maximum value of the cost of tuition and fees for the credits you are taking. For example, if you only need 3 credit hours to graduate, and your scholarship normally provides $1,500 per semester, it will be reduced in your final semester to the cost of tuition and fees for 3 hours.

Students who choose to take fewer than the number of required hours for reasons other than degree completion shall have their scholarships reduced to $500 per semester maximum.

Graduate Assistants- Graduate assistants generally are not eligible for institutional graduate scholarships other than those that are included with their graduate assistantships.

Length of Scholarship- These scholarships are generally awarded for ONE YEAR and must be re-applied for during your second year.

Non-resident Fee Scholarship- Reduces tuition to in-state level

Graduate Scholarship- $250 – $2,500/semester (Amounts awarded are dependent on funding available.)

  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  • Acceptance in a Missouri Western Graduate Program