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To succeed in the classroom as a teacher of a secondary school subject, you need a specific skill set that not only prepares you to teach, but also equips you with a level of expertise in your chosen curriculum area, whether it is science, math, English, history, art or other subject. Through your bachelor’s degree, you already have that subject-area expertise; the Master of Arts in Teaching-Secondary will provide you with the training and field experience necessary to earn initial State of Missouri teacher certification in grades 9-12 or K-12, depending on the subject area.

The Master of Applied Arts in Teaching-Secondary is designed for college graduates who want to pursue a career as a teacher. You have gained content knowledge in the secondary subject area through your undergraduate degree; our master’s degree program will provide you with training in educational theory and practice to prepare you as an outstanding and effective educator.

Yes! All who successfully complete the M.A.T. program and meet DESE minimum requirements will earn initial teaching certification for secondary settings in the State of Missouri. This is one of the quickest ways to attain certification available.

Missouri Western offers the M.A.T. in 13 different secondary curriculum areas:

  • art (K-12)
  • biology (9-12)
  • business (9-12)
  • chemistry (9-12)
  • English (9-12)
  • health (9-12)
  • mathematics (9-12)
  • music – instrumental (K-12)
  • music – vocal (K-12)
  • physical education (K-12)
  • social studies (9-12)
  • Spanish (K-12)
  • speech and theatre (9-12)
  • Only 38 credit hours to earn initial teacher certification in the State of Missouri and a master’s degree at the same time
  • The M.A.T. holds high market value–currently, school districts not only in Missouri Western’s region but throughout the state and country are experiencing critical teacher shortages in the majority of secondary curriculum areas
  • All coursework is online
  • Courses are taught by full-time, experienced educators, most with public school experience at the secondary level
  • Coursework can be completed while employed in a school district under a provisional license
Course Number Credits Course Title
EDU 511 3 Content Area Literacy: Reading and Writing Techniques
EDU 515 3 Fundamentals and Strategies for Teaching Learners with Exceptionalities
EDU 521 3 Teaching Students with Reading Deficits
EDU 561 6 Induction to the Teaching Profession
EDU 565 3 Instructional Methods for Secondary Learners
EDU 603 1 Internship in Teaching – Secondary Education
EDU 604 1 Seminar for Student Teaching Professionals
EDU 608 9 Student Teaching – Secondary Education
EDU 667 3 Teaching Critical Thinking through Technology, Collaboration, and Differentiated Instruction
EDU 676 3 Behavioral Management and Interventions
TSL 664 3 Language & Culture

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Dr. Susan Bashinski

Graduate Program Director & Professor
(816) 271-4394

“Be a teacher, and help us create the future!”

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