The Federal Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant is intended to assist students in becoming highly‐qualified teachers and is available to those who are completing coursework in a TEACH Grant‐eligible program (see below).

Grant recipients are required to complete four years of qualified teaching service within the first eight years after completing or withdrawing from their degree. Failure to meet this, or any other condition of the TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve (ATS), will result in the grant being converted to a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan, with interest assessed from the first date of disbursement. Additional TEACH Grant Information

In accepting TEACH Grant funds, you must:

  • serve as a full-time teacher for a total of at least four academic years within eight years after you complete or otherwise cease to be enrolled in the program(s) for which you received TEACH Grant funds;
  • perform teaching service as a highly qualified teacher at a low-income school or educational service agency;
  • teach in a high-need field; and
  • provide the U.S. Department of Education with documentation of your progress toward completing your service obligation.

If you do not meet the requirements of your service obligation, all TEACH Grant funds you received will be converted to a Direct Unsubsidized Loan. You must repay this loan in full, with interest charged from the date of each TEACH Grant disbursement.

To be eligible to receive a TEACH grant:

  • you must be otherwise eligible to receive federal financial aid;
  • maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress;
  • officially declare a degree in a TEACH Grant eligible program; and
  • have achieved a score above the 75th percentile on any battery from a nationally-normed graduate admissions test (GRE, Miller Analogies, GMAT, etc.) or earned a cumulative GPA of 3.25 on a 4.0 scale. NOTE: Current, former and retired teachers may not be required to meet this requirement. 

The TEACH Grant program provides grants of up to $4,000 a year to eligible students (subject to the sequester law). The maximum amount received for program completion may not exceed $8,000.

Enrollment Status Annual Award Annual Award after Sequestration Semester Award after Sequestration
Full-Time $4,000 $3,772 $1,886
Three-Quarter Time $3,000 $2,829 $1,415
Half-Time $2,000 $1,886 $943
Less Than Half-Time $1,000 $943 $472

To be considered for a TEACH Grant, you should complete the following no later than August 15 each year. These requirements must be completed on an annual basis.

When you graduate from the program or if you withdraw, you are required by law to complete TEACH Exit Counseling online at