Welcome to Griffon Edge

We assigned students to color teams with other students who have majors similar to their field of study. This design will help you meet students who will likely share some of your classes. Due to the large number of students enrolled in Griffon Edge, group changes are not allowed once the program has started.

Your Griffon Edge Color Team will be led by a trained student mentor, who was once a brand new Griffon just like you! They went through an interview process before being chosen to share their experiences with you, and they also receive a scholarship for being a mentor.

Yes, the university provides computer labs and free time for you to complete the assignments during Griffon Edge.

We suggest wearing comfortable clothes (black and gold attire is always preferred!). Also, be prepared to bring regular school supplies (pen, paper, etc.) for note-taking during presentations and discussions.

No, you must use the university email system for this course and with all other courses at MWSU. You will have opportunities to learn more about using your university email account during Griffon Edge.

UNV 131 Griffon Edge Orientation is a course worth 1 credit hour and counts toward graduation as an elective. Your attendance is vital for a passing grade! Daily attendance at activities, assignments, and other sessions will be recorded. Optional night activities will be clearly identified so that students can plan their schedules. Lack of participation will lead to a poor grade.

Absolutely! Be prepared to contribute to the discussions and enjoy yourself. College is fun, and Missouri Western is a great place to embrace your university experience!

Griffon Edge participants