The Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE) is an exam created by Missouri Western faculty using institutional data to more accurately place students into courses that they will have a higher opportunity to succeed in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, unless one of the following applies:
– you have an ACT mathematics sub-score of at least 22
– you have general education credit in mathematics with a C or better.

MAT ACT SAT Math Subscore Initial Placement Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE) options
0-21 0-530 MAT 110E/111E MPE of 70-100 -> MAT 110/111/112/116
22-36 540-800 MAT110/111/112/116 NA

A student who receives between a 0%-69% on the Placement test will be allowed to enroll in MAT110E or MAT111E.

A student who receives a grade of 70%-100% will be allowed to register in MAT110, MAT111, MAT112, or MAT116.

Yes, you can retake the Mathematics Placement Exam as often as you like but you will only be allowed one attempt per calendar week.

Material that is needed to be successful in college level mathematics. A full listing of subjects and objectives can be found on our Topic List.

Once you have your G-number, you can access our integrated learning environment that will give you access to video tutorials and on-line homework sets to help prepare for the Mathematics Placement Exam. You may also want to try our Sample Mathematics Placement Exam

Yes! You must register at least 24 hours prior to exam. Please see the Dual Credit site.

It is your G# along with the mmdd of your date of birth. For example:
username: G00123456
password: 0428

If you experience problems with your G# or the mmdd of your date of birth, please contact the Admissions Office at 816-271-4266 to verify your information.

The placement exam is located at You do not have direct access to take the Mathematics Placement Exam. You must request an appointment to take it. You also have access to the Sample Mathematics Placement Exam and the full range of possible questions that can be asked on the Mathematics Placement Exam.

The Mathematics Placement Exam is given on the MWSU campus, and is also proctored online. In order to take the online exam you must have access to a computer with a web camera, microphone, and reliable internet connection. For any questions, please contact the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics at (816) 271-4288.

No calculators or electronic devices are allowed during the Mathematics Placement Exam.

If you have a documented disability with the Accessibility Resource Center, ARC, for which you receive testing accommodations at Missouri Western, you must request the accommodation(s) prior to testing. To ensure that your accommodations are met, a copy of your accessibility plan must be given to Deb Smith in Agenstein Hall 140 at least 24 hours prior to your testing appointment. For any questions, please contact the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics at 816-271-4288.

Within 10 minutes of the end of your exam, an email will be sent to your school email detailing what score you received. When you receive a placement score that grants you access to enroll in a course, your registration restrictions will be removed by 8pm that night. This will be expedited during registration days to allow visiting students to register before returning home.