Welcome to Griffon Edge

Griffon Edge 2022: August 25th – 28th

Welcome, Griffons!

We are excited you are interested in being a part of an outstanding tradition at Missouri Western! Griffon Edge has become one of the most popular classes at the University— we can’t wait for you to join us!

Griffon Edge is a one-credit hour course that takes place before classes officially begin in the fall semester. It was created to give incoming freshmen and transfer students a head start, or an “edge,” on their Missouri Western experience. Your summer orientation experience is designed to prepare you to step foot on campus, but Griffon Edge is designed to help you soar. 

At Griffon Edge, you can expect to make meaningful connections with faculty and staff, become familiar with campus and learn how to find all of your classes, and most of all you’ll make connections with fellow Griffons that will last a lifetime.

We are currently in the planning stages for Griffon Edge 2022, please check back later for updated information.

How to Sign-up

All incoming first-year students* are automatically signed up for Griffon Edge, CED 131. To ensure you are signed up, check your academic schedule for Griffon Edge, CRN 15818. If you want to take the course and don’t see it on your schedule, follow these steps to add it to your schedule.

  1. Log in to your Goldlink and navigate to the Student Academics tab.
  2. Under Registration, click Add or Drop Classes.
  3. If prompted, read through the Student Registration and Responsibility Agreement and click to accept the terms to continue to registration.
  4. Add CRN 15818 to the empty box and click the Submit Changes button.

If you are unable to participate for any reason, contact the Student Success and Academic Advising Center for assistance removing the course from your schedule.

*First-year students who are members of the Golden Griffon Marching Band, or Mystics Dance Team are not enrolled in Griffon Edge due to the conflict with Marching Band Camp. 

From our Students:

Out of all the new things that came with going to college making friends was the one I was most nervous about. Years later and all of my closest friends were people I met at Griffon Edge. It was an amazing way to quickly become apart of the MWSU family.

Theo, Sophomore

I came to MWSU alone, I had no one from my high school with me. Because of #TeamScarlet I met my best friend. 3 years later we are inseparable! I had an amazing Griffon Edge experience and I want to make sure you have the same!

Maggie, Senior

Going to MWSU, which was 7.5 hours from my family and friends, was a big change. At Griffon Edge I got to meet an amazing group of people. Some of those people I consider to be my closest friends. Griffon Edge helped me get over the drastic change and allow me to express myself while making new friends, I hope it does the same for all of you!

Ethan, Sophomore