Tuition is $95.00 per credit hour,

plus any applicable fees such as online components or lab fees. That’s less than half of tuition for the on-campus university equivalent.

  • In most cases, textbooks are supplied for student use, approximately $100.00 or more in savings! However, students are responsible for the replacement cost if the book is lost or damaged.
  • First time students are charged a one-time $15.00 registration fee.
Cost Comparison: 5 Credit Hour Chemistry Course
Missouri Western Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Missouri Western On Campus Tuition Average of State Universities**
Tuition and fees for 5 credits  $490.00 Tuition and fees for 5 credits  $1,164.45 Tuition and fees for 5 credits $1,279.81
Textbook   $0 Textbook   $283.00 Textbook $283.00
Supplement materials   $0 Supplement materials   $127.50 Supplement materials $127.50
Total*  $490.00 Total* $1,574.95 Total* $1,690.31

*Plus one time registration fee ($15.00 at Missouri Western)
** Based on FY15 MDHE data, with full-time fees prorated to a 5 credit hour course; assumes same text and materials fees as Missouri Western.

In comparison to the average cost of taking 14 credit hours of coursework at a Missouri state university, a student taking 14 hours of dual credit/dual enrollment coursework would save around $2,800.00 – plus any cost for room and board for a semester (~$3,500.00+, yielding a total savings of ~$6,300.00+).

NOTE: If an online component is required for the course, the student must purchase the component at the time of enrollment. These components are only good for one student’s use. Once they are opened, they cannot be reused by another student. For that reason, the student is responsible for the cost of the component, even if he/she drops the course.