The Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development (MDHEWD) has recently announced the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment (DC/DE) Scholarship, a new financial aid program for Missouri high school juniors and seniors.  The scholarship reimburses dual credit and dual enrollment tuition and fees for students who meet the program eligibility criteria.  MDHEWD will award based on financial need, as determined by adjusted gross income from the most recent tax year.

Eligibility: Please click here for detailed information:

Please note the award amounts are based on the actual tuition and fees charged for the dual credit or dual enrollment coursework after all non-load aid, such as a dual credit or dual enrollment scholarship from a postsecondary institution or third party, is applied.  If students are taking dual credit or dual enrollment courses from more than one approved college or university, they can receive the scholarship at each one.

All awards are subject to funding availability.  Please see the timeline below:

Spring 2023

February 1: Priority Deadline
April 1: Final Deadline

Students who file an application by the February 1 deadline will be the first to be evaluated for an award. Students who qualify but apply between February 1 and the final deadline of April 1 will be evaluated as funding permits.

Fall 2022

October 1: Priority Deadline
December 1: Final Deadline


For more information AND TO APPLY, please see the links below.