Taught in high school by approved high school teacher:

  • Masters in field
  • 18 graduate hours in field
  • Tested experience

As remuneration, textbooks are provided to all students in course, including those for high school-credit-only. Textbooks are reused until book changes or course is discontinued.

Faculty liaison is assigned by academic department:

  • Provides training prior to commencement of course
  • Assures course syllabus, textbook, and assessment strategies are consistent with on-campus courses of the same course number
  • Mentors dual credit instructor to ensure those equivalencies
  • Monitors course for adherence to departmental and institutional policies regarding dual credit offerings
  • Ensures that dual credit instructor has materials necessary for the course
  • Communicates to department chair and Early College Academy (ECA) Coordinator any concerns regarding student enrollment, student performance, course content and rigor, and instructor performance
  • Trains dual credit instructor in adherence to Early Intervention Policy
  • Conducts high school site visit for class observation (a minimum of one time per semester) and submits site visit report to ECA Coordinator
  • Verifies student eligibility according to CBHE/MDHE guidelines
ECA class in hs school