Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit

Academic Advising

Missouri Western offers academic advising services for all of its dual credit students.

Academic advising is an important tool that can help prospective college students save money, save time, increase academic success, and provide career guidance.

Meeting with an academic advisor can help ensure that you are taking the appropriate dual credit courses for your particular educational path. Selecting the correct courses for dual credit not only can save you time and money, but it can provide peace of mind that you are on the right path to reaching your goals.

Our academic advising services are available to ALL dual credit students, regardless of whether or not you make Missouri Western your future college choice. If you plan to attend another institution following high school graduation, we can provide you with the tools and resources necessary for dual credit transfer equivalencies.

Dual Credit Academic Advising Presentation (.pptx)

If you would like to schedule an academic advising appointment, please contact Eric Kramer at (816) 271-4113 or