Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit

Western Institute offers a variety of concurrent enrollment/dual credit opportunities for high school juniors and seniors.

Concurrent enrollment/dual credit courses enrich and extend the high school curriculum, provide introductory college course work at about half the cost of college tuition, challenge students, and introduce students to the university.

Subject areas include math, biology, business, computer science, communications, music, journalism, psychology, history, English, engineering, chemistry, French, Spanish, sociology, art, fitness, and archaeology.

Courses are offered via the following methods:

  • Face-to-Face Dual Credit (Concurrent Enrollment)
  • Distance Education: Video/Face-to-Face Combination
  • Distance Education: Online/Video Combination
  • Distance Education: Online
  • On Campus Dual Credit
2016 Enrollment Information Handout (.doc) 2016 Online Access Code prices (.pdf)