Service: Downtown Different 

Business Partner: The Downtown Network 

Date(s)/Time(s): Anytime 

Description:  Downtown Different helps small businesses engage and compete in the digital environment. Downtown Different collects the most visit-worthy communities, antique stores, restaurants, museums, wineries, bed and breakfasts and boutiques for you to see in one place. Students will meet with local and regional businesses (in person, phone, email or virtually), gather photo(s) of the business and upload information into an online directory. Script may need to be developed to maintain consistency in communication between businesses.

Location: Virtual/Regional 

Requirements Prior to Service: Approval from organizer is required before beginning service. Project organizer will reach out to you to discuss the opportunity in more detail. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please contact the Center for Service. Please follow COVID protocol and social distancing requirements. Technology needed: Computer/laptop and a phone that can take pictures.