Senior Art Exhibition

Quinne Hibbler

Artist Statement

Ever since I picked up a pencil, drawing and coloring were all I wanted to do, and later on, in grade school being able to story tell became my new passion. Growing up, watching TV, and seeing heroes my color was such a rarity, but that never stopped me from loving the concept and different art styles expressed on stations like Kids WB and Cartoon Network on Saturday mornings. My favorite movie of all time, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was able to move my young mind, from the fluid drawing motions and beautiful music was a masterpiece that to this day still makes me cry from the beginning to end. Glen Keane’s 2D work motivated me to push my artwork towards that direction.

Later during the beginning of my college career, I still wanted to put African Americans, or blacks in general on the big screen. So little black boys and little black girls could look on TV and see a hero or heroine saving the day, and representing their race at the same time. That they too could be more and do more as they grow into this world than when the media tries to put us down or show us in a negative light. Exploring more into developing better story-telling I have also dived into the African culture and discovered a lively environment full of music, food, and fashion that needs to be shared with the rest of the world. My selected few here is just the tip of my imagination pool that soon will spill and be exposed for all the world to see, to read and hopefully be blown away.