Senior Art Exhibition

Student Name: Bailey Shaw, BFA Digital Animation
Artist Statement:

Ever since I was a little girl, I grew up loving the fine arts due to the joy it brought me and others around me. One of the biggest parts of my childhood was learning about the art of Disney movies and being fascinated by the history behind it, and the characters they brought to life. I finally realized that the joy the artists brought me I wanted to bring to others as well. I wanted people to fine joy from creations and ideas that I would come up with.

Today, I have found my love for traditional art and create visual designs for characters for any platform. I work with the mediums of watercolor and inks, because of the way I can control the paint and tools to create the outcome I’m looking for. I choose to make designs loose or tight depending on how I manipulate the water and inks on the tip of my brushes. Its not only something that brings joy to me, but for others to create their own stories based on what they see and what they feel.