Senior Art Exhibition

Student Name: Ashlynn Bohanon, BFA Digital Animation

Ashlynn Bohanon is a 22 year old woman born in Leavenworth, KS and is attending her last semester at Missouri Western State University as an Animation Major. Ever since I could pick up a pencil at around age 4, I drew. Encouraged by my mother, who was also an artist, I decided the best use of my time as a child out in the country was to create stories and drawing to accompany them. In later years, I used art as a form of coping, never imagining that I could do what made me happy as a career.

Character design, staging, and animation have become fierce passions of mine. A single frame, expression, or word can mean so much, and tapping into that is something I feel I do well. I aim to create characters and scenarios that people care about. Something that they can relate to and become inspired by. I found comfort in the stories I’ve created, I want to share that joy with others.  I am inspired by the comforts of nature. Soft grass, blue skies, puffy clouds, etc. I want to invite others to open their hearts and feel an appreciation for nature.