Senior Art Exhibition

Student Name: Abbi Brown, BSE Art Education
Teaching Philosophy:

I believe all students should know the elements and principles of art and how art connects to the world around us. In art, students learn how to creatively problem solve and make decisions that will directly relate to skills needed in everyday life. Students have different interests and learning styles, but art encourages innovative problem solving that adapts to their different interests. Incorporating history, math, science and language into my lessons will help students realize that art can even be applied to any content areas.

It is my goal for students to experience and learn about the vastness of art, and explore how it interconnects to the rest of their educational experience. Students will be given opportunities to express themselves and develop their own designs and ideas. Art embodies a wide range of processes and techniques; as a result, students will not just draw but will explore the use of different media in the range of 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional design. Ultimately, students will come to understand the significance of integrating art into all areas of their lives, whether or not they directly pursue a career in the arts.

It is my desire to cultivate an environment and classroom community where all students feel welcome, accepted and successful. Students will be given clear instructions and then encouraged to find their own voice. If students can feel comfortable sharing their ideas, experimenting, taking risks, and even making mistakes along the way, then they learn. Overall, I want to see my students learning and growing in their education, being brave to try new things, and ultimately having fun creating art they enjoy.