Senior Art Exhibition

Student Name: Christine Koterman, BFA Graphic Design

Artist Statement:

The projects I chose for the show were all involved with how I like to make graphic art. Each project is unique in its own way. For the first project, “Rwandan Infusion”,  I was inspired from when my Grams & Papa went on mission trips to Rwanda. Each time my Grams & Papa came back my Grams would bring us tea back. So for this project we had to do tea or coffee packaging. With that came the idea of Rwandan Infusion. I chose tea becauses they make their own tea in Rwanda. For the logo I chose an animal that was from Africa to go on my packaging.

The next project is called, “SoundScape”. The poster was for the event SoundScape. The poster was inspired from string instruments that people would  be performing with for this event. So I took my skills to create a graphic image of a violin neck for the poster.

The last and final project is called, “The Spread”. This project is a packing project. The project was about us creating our own business and creating packaging for it and pieces that went with it. I chose to create a bagel bakery for my business. I called it The Spread because when you make a bagel you spread cream cheese on top of it. The yellow circle in the logo represents the sun. I chose that because normally when people eat bagels that’s from the morning to the day time. The colors were chosen based on if it went well with colors pulled from the bagels.

I chose these projects for the shows based on how much I enjoyed making them and how they turned out. I hope you all enjoy my work!