Senior Art Exhibition

Student Name:France Lenzini
Philosophy of Art Education:

As an art educator, I believe it is my responsibility to foster students’ growth, creativity, exploration, self expression, and appreciation of art and its impact on society.  My goal is to guide my students through learning about art, artists, and the impact art has on our lives each and every day. To reach this goal successfully, I must provide various styles of learning for my students and take into account all the different ways children learn. I believe every student deserves the opportunity to thrive in an environment that benefits them.

I want my students to have heightened critical, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills, to become better decision and connection makers, and to learn to be detail-oriented and observant. My students will also learn valuable skills like communication and collaboration by working with both me and their peers, and they will learn how to be problem solvers. While I want to help students reach their full potential when it comes to both making and learning about art and art history, I also realize that skill level will vary in my classroom. Whether my students go on to become top performers artistically or not, I know that just from spending time in my classroom, students will be able to take away skills that will benefit them not only as students in other classes but as well-rounded individuals.

Art helps us learn about ourselves and those around us, and my role as an art educator is to encourage my students to make connections with each other. The therapeutic aspect linked to creating art is important to me as well, and this will be reflected within my classroom. I want my students to be able to get “lost” in their projects for just one class period at a time. I hope for my class to be the place students can forget about all the other stressors in their lives. I have a personal mission to make my classroom a positive and encouraging environment where every student feels welcome and accomplished. Making connections will be a top priority of mine, and I want each student to know they are important human beings with opinions and ideas that deserve to be shared.