Senior Art Exhibition

Student Name:Jordon Butler
Artist Statement:

I am a Graphic Designer that has an interest in poster design, product branding, and music. My focus on graphic arts technically came second to music, but I believe the disciplines have more in common that definitely helped shape my ideas and style as an artist. My coursework at Missouri Western allowed me to build work around the things I’m passionate about and for that I’m thankful. I have the most experience in Adobe CC with Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, but I have also experimented in Motion Graphics and XD for 3D logos and Web Design respectively

As an artist I want to be able to create and share my passions with those that are both familiar and unfamiliar with my field of study. I’m always seeking future opportunities to learn from professionals or anyone willing to collaborate. My experience in Graphic Design may only total up to four and a half years, but in that short amount of time the variety of work I’ve created became the focus on interest I never would have delved in before, and I want to open that door to those who may experience my art in the future.