Recreation Services

Trap Range Supervisor

The Trap Range Supervisors main duties are to operate the trap range in a safe manner. This includes gun and shooter safety, cleaning of houses, keeping the machines operating properly and charging appropriate fees and keeping records of patrons.

Primary duties include: 

  1. Keeping all houses clean from rock and trash.
  2. Keeping the machines operating appropriately.
  3. Notifying the Director of any problems.
  4. Notifying the Director when more blue rock is needed.
  5. Handling money and keeping records of all shooters.
  6. Make sure appropriate shot and guns are being used.
  7. Being knowledgeable and updated on all safety rules.
  8. To be assertive when asking unsafe patrons to leave.
  9. Be aware of all weather conditions and not shoot in unsafe weather.
    1. Thunder and Lightning
    2. High Unsafe winds (60 miles/hour)
  10. Pick up shell casings left behind.
  11. Make sure all power is turned off and equipment put away with all doors locked.
  12. Make sure all range rules are followed.
  13. Close the range if there are any problems concerning safety.
  14. Be knowledgeable with both trap and skeet.



  1. Must be a Missouri Western State University Student.
  2. Must be mature.
  3. Must be able to lift 15 pounds.
  4. Must be able to assert authority when needed.
  5. Must be honest in handling money and records.
  6. Must be able to work varied shifts.
  7. Must have good communication.