Recreation Services


Lifeguards must have American Red Cross Professional First Aid and CPR Certification.

The following rules apply when guarding:

  1. Suits must be worn at all times. (Must have all other clothes removed).
  2. Shoes and socks must be removed.
  3. Must wear a whistle while guarding.
  4. One guard must be on one side of the pool and the second guard on opposite side of the pool in guard chairs.
  5. Rescue tube must be attached to the lifeguard chairs.
  6. Make sure all objects in pool area are safe (lane ropes placed in proper place etc.)
  7. If an individual wants to lap swim, lifeguards must place a lane rope in place if other individuals are in the pool.
  8. When closing pool area make double sure all doors are locked.
  9. Before leaving pool area make sure all equipment and toys are put away.
  10. Use the phone only for emergencies – not for personal use.
  11. Look professional and alert at all times.
  12. Place lost and found on top of first aid cabinet in nice manner.
  13. Do not let other people use lost and found stuff unless it is theirs.
  14. If you cannot work your shift you must find someone else to work it or be there.
  15. These rules are mandatory and must be followed. You will receive one warning and then you will be dismissed from your job.
  16. In most cases there will be two guards – both guards must be there at all times.
  17. No studying, talking to boyfriends etc.
  18. We will have a meeting two times a semester. It is mandatory!
  19. Life and death situations call 9-911 from the pool phone.
  20. Participants that are out of hand – call security 4438 to help. DO NOT CALL SECURITY IF YOU CAN HANDLE IT YOURSELF.



  1. Must be an MWSU student.
  2. Must have American Red Cross Lifeguard Training, Professional CPR, First Aid.
  3. Must be able to assert authority to peers. faculty staff, and community members.
  4. Eligible for Work-study
  5. We will be hire for this position as need arises throughout the year.