Recreation Services

Gym Supervisor

The gym supervisor is responsible for overall supervision of the facility while he/she is on duty. The supervisor is responsible for upholding and enforcing all rules and regulations established by the Coordinator.

Primary duties include:

  1. Ensure that building is opened and closed at prescribed times.
  2. Check all facility users for proper and valid identification.
  3. See that all rules and regulations are being followed by participants and personnel.
  4. Be familiar with all necessary phone numbers related to emergency use.
  5. Fill out accident report forms completely and accurately for accident or injury.
  6. Be familiar with location of fire extinguishers and how to use them.
  7. Report any maintenance or security problems to Coordinator.
  8. Answer all questions, problems, and complaints as given by participants.
  9. Assist as needed with the Intramural program so as to facilitate its efficient operation.
  10. Attend all required staff meetings!


  1. Must be a current MWSU student.
  2. Ability to communicate ideas and procedure to people.
  3. Ability to assert authority to peers as well as faculty and staff members.
  4. Certification in basic First Aid and CPR preferred.
  5. Eligible for work-study
  6. We will hire for this position as need arises throughout the year.