The General Testing Center provides remote proctoring for students enrolled in distance education courses through other universities, industry, business, or home schooling.

Requestor: To schedule a remotely proctored exam, please fill out the Remote Proctoring Request Form by clicking on the button below and submit it. The Testing Center will email the person that makes the request and the student to confirm an appropriate exam time. Please schedule these a week in advance, if possible.

Students: After your exam date is scheduled with the exam proctor, click on the Remote Proctoring Registration Form button below, fill out the registration form, submit it, and follow the directions that will take you through the payment process.

Fee: $35 for the first two hours and $30 per hour for each additional hour. (No partial hours will be figured)

Please bring your payment receipt(s) or voucher(s) for all payments made on the day of your exam.

Remote Proctoring Request Form
Remote Proctoring Registration Form

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