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  • All classes are free to MWSU benefit eligible employees and retirees on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • One guest per employee may be permitted based on space available.
  • Watch the Griffon Weekly, HR Wellness web page or Wellness emails for when and how to register.

JAN 9 – MAY 19 | Fitness Activities

  • Pilates – Mondays @ 4:45pm – Looney West Balcony
  • Zumba– Tuesdays @ 4:45pm – Looney West Balcony
  • Core & Tone – Wednesdays @ 4:45pm – Looney West Balcony (bring yoga mats)
  • Yoga – Thursdays @ 12noon – Looney West Balcony (bring yoga mats)
  • Kickboxing – Thursdays @ 4:45pm – Looney West Balcony
  • Aqua Fitness – Wednesdays @ 12noon – Looney Pool
    Pool is not closed for our class; it’s scheduled during the university free swim period. Pool showers are available to you.
    Employees must present MWSU ID to use the pool and your guest must have a photo ID.

MAR 1-31 | March NUTRITION Challenge
Print and track your success. When complete, PRINT your name at the bottom of the form and send to HR. Remember you putting your health first is the greatest reward you can receive!

MAR 7, 14, 28 |  Nutrition Tuesdays in HR | Human Resources, Popplewell 117 | 9am – 12noon
Join us each Tuesday for nutritious food,  fun, and free stuff!

MAR 21-22 | WELLNESS SCREENING (for FULL-TIME, benefit eligible employees only!)


March 21-22, 2017 (7am – 12noon) | Spratt 214-216 | non-fasting biometric screening

  • Biometric Screening consists of 4 categories: Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI), Glucose and Cholesterol Ratio
  • This screening is a non-fasting screening
  • Instructions below to SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT (online for BCBS members; by *phone for non-BCBS members)
  • Instructions below if choose to visit your physician; you’ll need to print a MANUAL SUBMISSION FORM
  • DEALINE is April 1, 2017 for the biometric screening
  • Complete the biometric screening by the deadline and receive a Garmin Vivofit3 fitness device
  • The Health Risk Assessment (or online assessment/questionnaire) is recommended; however, optional this year. The assessment develops a personalized health action plan for preventive and chronic conditions and views your biometric screening results as well. Instructions below to access this online or download the app to complete assessment.
  • Employees who do not participate in the MWSU-BCBS medical insurance are eligible (see below)

INSTRUCTIONS: Online Assessment (HRA) & Register for Biometric Screening OR Print a Physician Form
The BCBS A Healthier Your portal has changed; review the instructions here to register for your screening (or print the Manual Submission Form if you choose to visit your physician) and complete your online assessment.

*If you are a FULL-TIME, benefit eligible employee and ARE NOT a member of the MWSU BCBS program; you can still participate by calling 888-708-8807 to register. (call the HR office 271.4587 for our unique screening key) If you cannot attend the event, contact HR for a physician form and schedule an appointment with your physician.

BCBS A Healthier You App Instructions
As an alternative, download the APP to register for your screening, complete your online assessment, and track your fitness activities.

Garmin Vivofit3
If you complete your Biometric Screening (either at the HRA event or at your physician) by the April 1st deadline, you’ll receive a Garmin Vivofit3 (standard fit/black). This fitness device has been provided to our employees through our external wellness program funding.






A Healthier YouTM
A Healthier YouTM supports healthy lifestyles for you and your family through our program. The program provides information and resources to keep you healthy, including a wellness portal, where you’ll complete your Health Risk Assessment and have access to tools and trackers designed to make healthy living easier. The A Healthier YouTM program promotes personal responsibility for managing health and making healthy lifestyle choices.  Visit and click on A Healthier You to learn more about this benefit.

Webinars on Demand
Don’t have time in your schedule for a class?  Check out Webinars on Demand and view options for 30-minute presentations available at your convenience. Webinars on Demand can be found on your personal portal under the tab Health Seminars. Webinar topics change every quarter.

Healthy Companion

Healthy Companion nurses can help you manage your asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure (hypertension), metabolic syndrome, stress, anxiety and depression. Through this program you will gain a better understanding of your health, your doctor’s care plan, and how best to manage your health. To learn more about the Healthy Companion Program call the phone number listed on the back of your Member ID Card (800-822-2583).

Health Risk Assessment
A Healthier You starts with a health screening, providing you with the information needed to complete the next step of the program, the online Health Risk Appraisal. The appraisal will ask you questions about your health and lifestyle and then give you a wellness score. With a wellness score in hand, you will easily be able to identify your healthy behaviors and areas where you may consider making changes. We have provided the results of previous year’s Health Risk Assessment below for you.

Health Risk Assessment Results 2014
Health Risk Assessment Results 2013
Health Risk Assessment Results, 2012
Health Risk Assessment Results, 2011
Health Risk Assessment Results, 2010

Why Wellness?
Why Wellness Power Point

A Healthier You