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All classes are free to MWSU benefit eligible employees and retirees on a first-come-first-served basis.

One guest per employee may be permitted based on space available.

What the Griffon Weekly, HR Wellness web page or Wellness emails for when and how to register.

REGISTRATIONplease register for these activities by emailing Some activities require equipment and we need to make sure we have sufficient supplies. If you have questions, you can contact Sara Freemyer, Benefits Coordinator at 271-4259 or

MORE INFORMATION will be posted online at, the Griffon Weekly, and our soon-to-be wellness facebook page. Stay tuned for more details!

June 13 – 4:45pm – Baker Fitness Center* – low impact aerobics
June 14 – 11:00am – walk around campus with HR**
June 16 – 11:30am – walk around campus with HR

June 16 – 30 day Fitness Challenge begins – please register, let us know your progress. Print the FITgriff 30-day fitness challenge and track your success. When complete, PRINT your name at the bottom of the form and send to HR for your reward! However, you putting your health first is the greatest reward!

June 20 – 4:45pm – Baker Fitness Center – strength training
June 21 – 11:00am – walk around campus with HR
June 23 – 11:30am – walk around campus with HR

June 27 – 4:45pm – Looney West Balcony – steps
June 28 – 11:00am – walk around campus with HR
June 30 – 11:30am – walk around campus with HR

July 5 – 11:00am – walk around campus with HR
July 7 – 11:30am – walk around campus with HR

July 11 – 4:45pm – Looney West Balcony – core & more
July 12 – 11:00am – walk around campus with HR
July 14 – 11:30am – walk around campus with HR

July 18 – 4:45pm – Looney West Balcony – line dancing
July 19 – 11:00am – walk around campus with HR
July 21 – 11:30am – walk around campus with HR

July 25 – 4:45pm – Looney West Balcony – ball workout
July 26 – 11:00am – walk around campus with HR
July 28 – 11:30am – walk around campus with HR

August 1 – 4:45pm – Looney West Balcony – kickboxing
August 2 – 11:00am – walk around campus with HR
August 4 – 11:30am – walk around campus with HR

August 8 – 4:45pm – Looney West Balcony – bands
August 9 – 11:00am – walk around campus with HR
August 11 – 11:30am – walk around campus with HR

August 15 – 4:45pm – Looney West Balcony – boot camp
August 16 – 11:00am – walk around campus with HR
August 18 – 11:30am – walk around campus with HR

*All users of Baker Fitness Center – Employees or Guests: Male 45 or older need a physician’s consent; Female 55 or older need a physician’s consent. Review Baker Fitness Center website for further details.

 **Walking – will generally begin at Popplewell and consist of a walk around the parameter of campus (1.2 miles). You can walk more or less. Depending on the weather and group interest, we could walk on the shaded trails or in Baker Fitness Center. Contact HR if you want more specifics.


EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

As an employee at MWSU, a big job is asked of you, and chances are, the daily demands of life don’t end when you leave work. That’s why MWSU partners with New Directions to offer an Employee assistance Program (EAP) to help you best manage your life. The free, confidential benefit provides you with the tools, whether online or in person, to tackle life’s challenges.

EAP can give you the support you need. Hard-working employees just like you use the program’s experts and resources every day to help with:

  • Relationship challenges
  • Life-changing events
  • Legal or financial issues
  • Excessive worry or stress
  • Substance dependence
  • Workplace challenges
  • Services cost you nothing…MWSU has already paid for them.
  • Receive 6 FREE sessions…per incident!
  • Services are confidential…no one will know that you’ve called the EAP.
  • To contact the EAP, call New Directions 24/7 at 800-624-5544.

EAP (Employee Assistance Program) for Weight Loss and Fitness






A Healthier YouTM
A Healthier YouTM supports healthy lifestyles for you and your family through our program. The program provides information and resources to keep you healthy, including a wellness portal, where you’ll complete your Health Risk Assessment and have access to tools and trackers designed to make healthy living easier. The A Healthier YouTM program promotes personal responsibility for managing health and making healthy lifestyle choices.  Visit and click on A Healthier You to learn more about this benefit.

Webinars on Demand
Don’t have time in your schedule for a class?  Check out Webinars on Demand and view options for 30-minute presentations available at your convenience. Webinars on Demand can be found on your personal portal under the tab Health Seminars. Webinar topics change every quarter.

Healthy Companion

Healthy Companion nurses can help you manage your asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure (hypertension), metabolic syndrome, stress, anxiety and depression. Through this program you will gain a better understanding of your health, your doctor’s care plan, and how best to manage your health. To learn more about the Healthy Companion Program call the phone number listed on the back of your Member ID Card (800-822-2583).

Health Risk Assessment
A Healthier You starts with a health screening, providing you with the information needed to complete the next step of the program, the online Health Risk Appraisal. The appraisal will ask you questions about your health and lifestyle and then give you a wellness score. With a wellness score in hand, you will easily be able to identify your healthy behaviors and areas where you may consider making changes. We have provided the results of previous year’s Health Risk Assessment below for you.

Health Risk Assessment Results 2014
Health Risk Assessment Results 2013
Health Risk Assessment Results, 2012
Health Risk Assessment Results, 2011
Health Risk Assessment Results, 2010

Why Wellness?
Why Wellness Power Point

A Healthier You