Human Resources


  • Wed
    11:45 amBlum 218/219

    The nice temperatures are coming, so we want you to be prepared to get outdoors and get active!

    Join us for a Walking Clinic - Presented by the St. Joseph YMCA.  During the clinic, you will learn:

    • Basic fitness program concepts
    • From health to fitness to speed walking
    • Where to walk and what to wear
    • Get Ready...Warm Up...Stretches
    • Get Set...Posture...Arm Swing...Foot Placement
    • GO...

    Email Nicki Robertson at to RSVP by May 21, 2018.

  • Wed
    1pm-3:30pmSPRATT 214/216
    This special session of Pre-Retirement Planning is designed for higher education institution employees who are within five years of retirement, or already eligible. This is a part-day session covering program highlights only and will be held on campus at specific colleges/universities around Missouri.

    Find out more about your choices at retirement including:

    • Your eligibility for MOSERS retirement
    • The retirement process and important due dates
    • Calculating your benefit amount
    • Differences between MSEP and MSEP 2000 plans
    • BackDROP and how it may affect you
    • Cost-of-living adjustments affecting your benefit

    There is no cost to attend.

    Register online at