“My dream was to land a job teaching in St. Joseph. ”

Kaleb Johnson, Elementary Education ’15

Hometown: St. Joseph, Missouri
Major: Elementary Education ’15
Employer: Lindbergh Elementary

St. Joseph native Kaleb Johnson ’15 said he tried different majors when he first came to Missouri Western, but finally decided on education, “what his heart really wanted.”

He wasn’t sure what grade level he wanted to teach, but thanks to Missouri Western’s program of getting education majors into classrooms across the community early on, Kaleb realized he wanted to teach elementary-aged students. “I fell in love with the elementary world.”

His student teaching experience led to a job offer before he graduated.

“I was ecstatic. My dream was to land a job teaching in St. Joseph,” he said. “To sign a contract before you even walk across the stage to graduate is pretty awesome.”