Department of Education

Admittance & Assessment Requirements for Educators

Admittance to the MWSU Teacher Education Department

  1. Missouri General Education Assessment (MOGEA) passing scores in all 5 sub-tests.

    • Reading                                       202
    • Writing                                         193
    • Math                                            180
    • Science/Social Studies                 188
  2. Overall GPA of 2.75 or greater maintained through graduation and GPA of 3.0 in Content Area and Teacher Education.
  3. Composite ACT or SAT score on file.
  4. Completion of EDU 202 Introduction to Education and EDU 203 Experience in Teaching I with a “C” or higher.
  5. Missouri Educator Profile (MEP) during the EDU 202 Introduction to Education course.  If you are a transfer this is required to be turned into your advisor for elementary and early childhood majors, or to Mrs. Kelly for secondary majors.
  6. Pre-major and/or major declaration form and concentration form on file for Elementary majors.


Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments– Assessment requirements for certification by the state of Missouri.

  1. Missouri General Education Assessment (MOGEA) demonstrates general education competencies prior to Admission to an Education Program.
  2. Missouri Educator Profile (MEP) provides the student and their advisor with an assessment of work style compared to a successful teacher prior to Admission to an Education Department.
  3. Missouri Content Area Assessment (MOCA) demonstrates the specific level of knowledge in the chosen content area. This is taken prior to student teaching.
  4. Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment (MOPTA) is a task oriented assessment. It is a four-task performance assessment completed during student teaching.

Further information on Assessments can be located on the MWSU Testing Center website.