Research Opportunities with Dr. Svojanovsky

Application of Neural Networks in Biomedical Research

Artificial neural networks are computer-assisted models based on pattern recognition that mimic the biological neural networks of the human brain. These systems can ‘learn’ to perform tasks from initial data, followed by validation procedures to estimate the quality of gained intelligence. They can be used as potential screening tools. The concept of neural networks, which has its roots in artificial intelligence is rapidly gaining popularity in many fields of modern biomedical research such as drug design, medicine, health related scans and images to reveal any abnormal pattern.

The goals of our research project are summarized in these areas:

  1. Identify the project feasible for neural network application (literature research related to drug design or other biomedical applications).
  2. Building a unique neural network model that represents data underlying pattern recognition.
  3. Optimization process facilitated by validation procedures.
  4. Test the data on the validated network prototype followed by the interpretation of the results.

Contact Dr. Svojanovsky

Dr. Svojanovsky

Dr. Stan Svojanovsky, Associate Professor

B.S., University of Pardubice (Czech Republic)
M.S., Western Michigan University
Ph.D., University of Kansas

(816) 271-4125
Office: Agenstein Hall 332J