Research Opportunities with Dr. Gary Clapp

Analysis and understanding pharmaceutical compounds and delivery systems, Opioids and Cannabinoids and Environmental Chemistry

Pharmaceutical API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) are often thought of as a pill or an injectable that is used to combat a disease state. In reality we are often asked to manage our symptoms and not cure the disease.  I am interested in further understanding the delivery systems of our API and the pharmacokinetics of the treatments being marketed today. These can include reaction rates, particle size and alternative delivery systems.

Research would typically involve measuring the API in its various forms and quantifying the components as marketed.  These include many of the nutraceutical formulations of cannabis including CDB (CannaBiDiol) and other active or marker compounds sold as panaceas to much of our community. We also have a strong interest in understanding the addictive properties of opioids in general. The opioid epidemic continues today and destroys lives. A greater understanding of NARCAN and its effects can lead to better treatment and outcomes for patients when treated in a comprehensive program.

A third area of interest is related to our environment and environmental chemistry. Specifically I am interested in quantifying the compounounds that are targeted by the EPA in water and waste water. The recent interest and classification of PFOAs (Per-Fluoro-Octanoic Acids) has raised many questions about the safety of these compounds that are ubiquitous in our environment.

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