3D Arts Annex

The proposed Drew H. Brown Arts Annex will contain Ceramics and Sculpture studios, which are currently on the first floor in Potter Hall. The Sculpture studio will have two separate spaces, the wood and metal works. In the current studio, they are combined.

The new Ceramics space will allow for six additional pottery wheels and an outdoor kiln yard.

A separate space for the 3D arts is exciting for several reasons. The additional square footage will allow for more student work space, efficient project management, improved ventilation and a safe division of disciplines.

The studio classes allow students to express their creativity while utilizing critical thinking and problem solving skills, attributes that will be a great benefit to them in their careers. According to a World Economic Forum study, in the list of the top 10 skills in 2020 that companies want from their employees, complex problem solving was #1, critical thinking was #2 and creativity was #3.

Drew H. Brown Arts Annex

$1 Million pledged for Arts Annex Expansion

Benefactor Drew H. Brown has pledged $1 million to enhance Potter Hall to support the addition of a visual arts annex. More Info…

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3D Arts Annex - Conceptual Drawing

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Inside view of 3D Arts Annex
Inside view of 3D Arts Annex